About Scaling New Heights

JUNE 21-24, 2020 – ST. LOUIS

“Rise of the Advisor” is a rally cry to bookkeepers, accounting technologists, tax preparers, CPAs and other small business advisors to act on the challenges we issued at the last four conferences:

Modernize Your Practice (SNH 2016 – “The Epic Practice”)

Break through Barriers (SNH 2017 – “Face the Yeti”)

Leverage Technology (SNH 2018 – “Tame the Machines”)

Transform Your Clients (SNH 2019 – “The Transformative Advisor”)

Over the coming year, the focus of Scaling New Heights 2020 (and our new year-round Woodard Empowerment Package) turns to action…to providing you with the tools and training you need to build highly effective, wealth-generating relationships with your clients.

This is your moment. This is your story.

This is your time to rise!


Listen to Accounting Today's Interview with Joe Woodard on the Rise of the Advisor



Kim Perell is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and global CEO with a passion for people, positivity, technology, and progress.

Kim Perell is one of the most significant examples of a resilient rise from failure to success. In 2001, Kim went from being laid off at 23 to becoming a multi-millionaire by the time she was 30 years old and selling her last company for $235 million in 2014. She is currently CEO of Amobee, a global marketing technology company serving the world’s leading brands and agencies.

Kim is also an investor in over 70 companies, 14 of which have successfully been acquired by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies including a billion-dollar IPO.




Grow and manage your practice while staying on the cutting edge of accounting industry developments and online technologies


Network with over 1,000 ProAdvisors as well as over 100 Intuit executives, product managers, program leaders and technical support experts


Hear cutting edge keynote presentations from leaders within the world of small business and accounting technology


Receive your choice of basic, intermediate or highly advanced technical training specifically tailored to the small business advisor


Equip yourself to consult on a wide range of small business solutions, where many integrate with QuickBooks or QuickBooks Onlin


Expand your practice to include consulting on third party solutions that integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

Up close profile picture of Steve Pipe. Dark short hair with no rim-style glasses. Smiling and wearing blue shirt with dress coat.

Over the next three years accountants must decide if they want to be heroes. Whether to rise or to fall. And research suggests that a perfect storm of forces will lead all genuinely forward thinking, caring and entrepreneurial practitioners to:

  • Become “Businesses For Good” by putting doing good around the UN Global Goals at the heart of their business strategy
  • Measure, manage, increase and be accountable for their impact
  • Provide new services, and earn new fees, by inspiring, encouraging and helping other businesses to do the same
The technology and methodologies already being used by ground-breaking practices make doing all of this easy, quick, joyful, affordable and profoundly impactful. They also make it profitable.

So, all good accountants will see the sense. All good accountants will RISE. And all good accountants will become heroes.

The movement will become unstoppable. And, as a result, accountants will play a leadership role in making things better for themselves, their clients, their teams, their families, their communities, their economies and people in need at home and around the world.

Clearly, there has never been a more exciting, more rewarding or more important time to be an accountant.