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Transform your practice into a specialized, standardized, automated, and scalable model that provides you with enhanced profits, purpose, and quality of life. Join a cohort of your peers – guided by a coach with 20+ years of practice experience -- in designing a Strategic Practice Plan that focuses on 5 key questions:

  1. What is my professional and practice “story?” How do I build my brand – and practice goals – around my unique vision, mission and purpose?
  2. What is my ideal specialization that provides me with increased effectiveness, profitability and practice distinction?
  3. Who is my ideal client? What type of business benefits from my unique skills and knowledge, is aligned with my practice “story,” and exists within my area of specialization?
  4. What comprises my ideal team? How do I deploy a team (employed or contracted) around my practice goals, specialization, and ideal clients?
  5. How do I get there? How do I develop a practice plan and execute on that plan consistently and effectively?



There are two ways to engage Woodard Institute to transform your practice:




In this series of five 3-month courses, we offer educational resources alongside group coaching to create specific, actionable steps for you to take in your practice and, ultimately, to guide you in the development of a custom Strategic Growth Plan.
  • Cohorts of 20 to 30 members meet weekly to collaborate on common practice goals, exchange knowledge, and share experiences peer-to-peer.
  • A powerful collaboration system enables your cohort to discuss challenges, coordinate efforts, share solutions, and hold each other accountable.
  • Small Group Accountability Teams work together to complete assignments, support one another, and facilitate progress.
  • A Group Coach guides you through the content, facilitates collaboration and teamwork, and offers perspectives and discussion points.


Upgrade your practice development experience to include private mentoring from one of our elite practice development experts. Your dedicated coach works with you in one-on-one monthly meetings to fine tune your practice direction, achieve specific goals, and overcome unique challenges.


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